Carrie's case has been one that is super complex from the beginning. It was a case that some of the
evidence was clearly missing. Ohio Clinton County Prosecutors Bill Peele and Richard Moyer took
the all or nothing approach. They felt that if Vincent Doan was guilty of the kidnapping of Carrie, then
he was the same person who caused her death on or about August 28, 1996.
These two presented the case and the jury found Doan guilty. They also pursued all the key players
in the case, down to the new girlfriend who helped Tracey Baker elude police on a cross country
police chase. This page recognizes those who brought justice to Carrie Culberson. These same
people continue to work in Clinton County.

There were others who assisted the Culberson family in their plea for justice. Some of those people
will be included on this page.
Clinton County District Attorney, Bill Peele
prosecuted the murder case of Carrie
Culberson. He prosecuted each and every
key player in the disappearance case. He
and Rick Moyer (pictured right) upgraded
Doan's intial charges from kidnapping to
murder. It was a gamble, but it was
something they felt had to be done.
Clinton County assistant District Attorney, Rick Moyer as he
reviews some evidence that was used in the Ohio v. Doan trial.
He is also still working as the assistant DA in Clinton County.
Special Thanks
Debra Dixon from Channel 12 News
handles the Crimestoppers segment that
airs often on that channel. She has also
assited the Culberson family with many
things. Dixon is a special person in my
opinion because she assists many of
these families who have a loved one either
missing or murdered. You can visit Debra's
website by clicking
More Information to be added soon.