The Missing Girlfriend Case
Quick Facts
1. Vincent Doan was incarcerated for an attempted murder charge when he met Carrie Culberson.
Doan had shot his best friend in the face after catching him with his girlfriend. Carrie Culberson did
willingly visit Doan in jail and once the charges were dropped to a misdemeanor. Vincent Doan was
released from custody, and then began dating Carrie Culberson. This is evidence that Vincent Doan
had a violent temper that would manifest itself in certain situations.

2 Vincent Doan attacked Carrie Culberson with a space heater exactly one month before she
disappeared forever by throwing a space heater that hit her in the back of her head. Carrie would
need five staples to close the gash in the back of her head. Doan claimed that Carrie fell at his house
and hit her head on a piece of metal pipe protruding from the ground in his backyard. Tests
conducted cannot conclude how a fall on any such pipe could cause an injury of this nature. Also, this
injury Ms. Culberson had was documented at the local hospital by hospital officials. Ms. Culberson
also filed assault charges against Doan for this attack. .

3. Vincent Doan has never submitted a polygraph or voice stress test by any law enforcement official
regarding the disappearance of Clarissa Ann Culberson.

4. On the day after Carrie Culberson's disappearance, Vince Doan called the salon where Carrie
worked several times, saying he was looking for her and he was on his lunch break at around 11:30 a.
m. on August 29, 1996. Time records show that Vincent Doan went into work for a total of 30 minutes
and then left to not return on this day at around 7:30 a.m.

5. Vincent Doan claimed that he hired a private investigator to help him find his beloved girlfriend
Carrie Culberson however, there have never been any documented existence of this individuals

6. Less than two weeks after Carrie Culberson vanished without a trace, Vincent Doan moved another
girlfriend into his residence by the name of“ Shannon Hodson. Is this what a distraught boyfriend
would do?

7. After Vince Doan's incarceration, his live-in-girlfriend, Shannon Hodson, began dating his own
brother Tracey Baker, and eluded police for several days before police captured Tracey running on
foot near an interstate. Tracey was arrested for helping Vincent Doan to dispose of the remains of
Carrie Culberson and hauling her car away.  Tracey has since been released from custody and now
resides in Florida. Vincent Doan was found guilty of murder and he is serving a life sentence with no

8.  The website that support Vincent Doan and Tracey Baker, makes mention of the police officer
Kenneth Lancaster who
sited the Red Honda CRX moving at a high rate of speed on a dark highway
but fails to show the testimony of where he states he
was later sure he made a MISTAKE that it was
NOT Carrie Culberson's vehicle that he saw that night.

9. Justice for Vincent and Tracey makes no mention of the witnesses called by the defense for Vincent
and Tracey who were later perjured which means caught lying under oath about material pertaining to
the Carrie Culberson case.

10. The websites that support Vincent Doan claim that Carrie Culberson was a known drug user and
skipped town to avoid paying drug debts. Carrie Culberson had tried illegal drugs, that were given to
her by Vincent Doan. Vincent Doan's family has documented charges against them for running from
police on the freeway before capture, have been
investigated for drug sales and usage, not Carrie
11. The family of Carrie Culberson sued the police force for the mishandling of Carrie's case and
losing her retrievable remains the night the pond was no secured. The town of Blanchester, Ohio was
ordered to pay Carrie's family 3.5 million dollars. At this time, the body of Carrie Culberson is still
All viewers are asked to review the news articles from Vincent Doan's trial and
the trial testimony that is provided on this website so that you may
understand more about this case.
Vincent Doan dressed as many in the
media called him "Mr. Rogers", during his
murder trial.
Carrie Culberson with Vincent Doan. At the time
this photo was taken, Doan was also seeing his
brother's wife. Carrie did not know this.
If you have any VALID information on the exact location of Carrie,  you
are urged to contact the  
Brown County Sheriff @ (937) 378-4555.
You may also send an email to the Carrie's family @