Ohio V. Doan - Prosecution's Witnesses Testimony
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Mitchell Epperson
Mitchell Epperson met Vincent Doan while in a the Clinton County Jail. Epperson would recall that he loaned Vincent
Doan shower supplies the first night Vincent arrived to the institution. Epperson stated that it was almost at lights out by
the time Vincent was moved into the area where he was. Not until the next day did Epperson speak to Vincent Doan.
Epperson said he had an ongoing bet with some fellow inmates that whatever Vincent was in for that he would get it out
of him. Later that same day, Epperson is watching Channel 10 news and sees Vincent Doan and that he's accused of
having something to do with his girlfriend's disappearance. Mitchell Epperson said, "hey, did you know you were just on
the news", and Vincent Doan replied that he had been followed lately by channel 19 news asking him about Carrie and
her disappearance. Mitchell Epperson said that Vincent Doan asked him if he had a girlfriend and if he'd think about
her. Epperson said that he responded by saying he did at one time but she had cheated on him. He said that Vincent
Doan said, what did you do about that? Epperson replied saying that he was angry but as time passed he got over it,
and that he was incarcerated so there wasn't much he could do. Vincent Doan replied, "you can't let them walk all over
you like that". "If they cheat on you, you have to make them pay:. Epperson said Vincent Doan told him that he'd lay
awake at night and think of a hundred ways to kill her before he finally did it.

Detective Brian Edwards - Clinton County Police
Detective Brian Edwards went out to the property of Lawrence Baker to serve a search warrant on Hunt Road for the
Junkyard Pond. Edwards was serving the warrant on September 4, 1996. The Township fire dept. was also present on
this day to drain the pond. Mr. Edwards was going back to his car to get the camera to take photographs of the area
when he noticed in the waist high grass that there was fresh mud getting onto his clothing. He determined that the mud
was on the grass from something being apparently drug behind them/or it causing the mud to disperse onto the grass.
As Mr. Edwards returns to the pond with the camera, the pond is fully drained and he sees what appears to him to be
one set of foot prints leading into the pond, and another set leading out, going in the same direction as the grass that
he obtained mud from.
The pond was approximately 3-4 deep and 10-15 feet long. The day before on September 3, 1996, Blanchester Police
had been at the pond when the cadaver dogs picked up what was believed to be Carrie's scent. The pond was not
secured on the night of September 3, 1996 before Mr. Edwards' investigation process on September 4, 1996.

Debra Culberson - Carrie Culberson's Mother
Debra Culberson takes the witness stand and identifies the photo (state's exhibit #10) of Carrie Culberson and the Red
Honda CRX as her daughter and testified that was the way Carrie looked the last time she seen her on Wednesday,
August 28, 1996. Debra went on to testify to the next photo of Carrie's face (State's Exhibit #12) of her bruised and
swollen face. Debra stated that Carrie had obtained the bruises from an altercation with Vincent Doan in April of 1996
when Doan's Jeep ran out of gas. Debra testified that this altercation resulted in she and Carrie's father, Roger
Culberson going to Vincent Doan's home that same afternoon. Debra stated that Vincent Doan told her that Carrie had
been riding around in the Jeep with him and they hit a bump causing her to pop up and bump her head. Both Debra and
Roger told Doan they didn't believe that. Vincent Doan told them that he had only slapped Carrie around, that he'd never
hit her with his fist.
The next incident Debra Culberson would testify to is Sunday, July 28, 1996 around 9:30 a.m. when her daughter arrived
to their Bourbon St. residence bleeding profusely. Vincent Doan was present when Carrie arrived home and proceeded
to tell Debra Culberson that Carrie had fallen on a pole and hit her head. Debra told Vincent Doan that she did not
believe that. Vincent Doan starts to swear at Debra. In the midst of the argument between Debra Culberson and Vincent
Doan, Carrie spoke up and said, I'm standing here bleeding to death, and all you(Vincent Doan)  can do is be afraid of
getting into trouble. At this time, Vincent Doan leaves and Carrie is taken by the Life Squad to the local hospital. At
around 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 28, 1996, Carrie Culberson is released from the hospital with 5 staples in the back
of her head. Carrie goes to the Blanchester, Ohio Police Dept. with her mother, Debra and files an assault charge
against Vincent Doan.
Debra Culberson would then go on to testify about waking up and being unable to find Carrie or her 89 Honda CRX in
the driveway of their Bourbon St residence. Around 10- 10:30 a.m. on this same day, Thursday, August 29, 1996, Debra
would go searching for Carrie along with, Jessica Williams, Tonya Whitten and Christina Culberson. One of the first
stops they made was to at South Wright St., also known as the residence of Lawrence Baker, Vincent Doan's father's
house. Debra would speak with Vincent Doan asking him where Carrie was and Vincent told her had not seen Carrie
for three days. Debra, Christina, Jessica, and Tonya left and went to the Blanchester Police Dept and filed a missing
person report on Carrie. Around 11:30 a.m. Debra, Christina, Jessica, and Tonya went back to Debra's residence on
Bourbon St. to check the phone for messages and the caller ID. Nothing had changed since they left. Around 12 noon
on August 29, 1996, Debra & Tonya left Jessica and Christina at the house, and went out searching again. Debra &
Tonya would go back to South Wright St and speak with Mr. Doan. Debra tells Mr. Doan that Carrie is STILL not home
and if he knows anything to please try to remember and tell them. At this time, Vincent Doan tells Ms. Culberson that he
did see Carrie the night before that he heard her horn blowing and he looked out and she was weaving (appeared to be
drunk). Doan stated that he just closed the door.
At around 1 p.m. on August 29, 1996, Debra Culberson once again goes to Vincent Doan's house with Tonya Whitten.
On this visit Mr. Doan tells Debra that Carrie had come by his residence around 12:30 the night before and way laying
on the horn, he stated that Carrie went around the block and came back still beeping the horn. Doan stated that he went
outside with a towel wrapped around him into the street to her car, he said they argued and Carrie told him he did not
love her anymore, and then she left. Debbie went back into the car as Tonya Whitten continued to talk to Vincent Doan
on this same visit.
Debra would later testify about speaking to Vincent Doan in September of 1996 of Carrie and how Vincent was telling
her she was unfaithful. Debra said that she told Vincent, to come on, like you have never been unfaithful to Carrie? She
stated that Vincent Doan told her that he was not capable of doing something like that, because he loved Carrie. Debra
testified that she hugged Vincent and told him that if he knew anything to please just tell her because she needed to
find Carrie. Vincent Doan would not ever speak to Debra Culberson again on this date.
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