Prosecution Witnesses Testimony Pg. 3 - Ohio v. Doan
Deseree Grueber
Deseree Grueber owned the G&G hair and nail salon where Carrie Culberson was employed as a nail technician.
Grueber would testify that she witnessed Carrie with black eyes several times while she worked for her, one of which
was only two weeks after she started working for her. The first incident that Grueber actually confronted Carrie was in
November of 1995 when Carrie arrived for a new full set of sculptured nails. Grueber asked Carrie how she obtained
the scratches on her face. Carrie first said she thought she had allergies and she must've been digging in her sleep.
Grueber said she told Carrie, tell me what really happened, because I do not believe that. Carrie explained that she and
Mr. Doan had an argument and Vincent Doan wanted her to stop talking. He put his hands over her mouth and in doing
so, he was cutting off her oxygen. Grueber said, are you telling me that Vincent tried to suffocate you? Carrie said, no, he
didn't know. Grueber said, Carrie you broke your nails on your own face. She said Carrie just looked down at the floor.
In April of 1996 Carrie Culberson came into the salon to pick up her payroll check. As soon as she walked through the
door, someone said out loud "Oh My GOD"!. Grueber said she took Carrie by the hand and took her to the salon office
and closed the door. Grueber asked Carrie, "what in the hell happened to you"? Carrie told her that she had been in
another argument with Vincent Doan when his Jeep ran out of gas and that Doan go upset and proceeded to slam her
against the pavement. Grueber looked at Carrie's face, arms, neck and her back. Grueber observed severe bruises on
her back. Grueber tried to hug Carrie and Carrie shrugged from the soreness. Grueber asked Carrie when was she
finally going to get enough of this.
In May of 1996 Grueber looked up and noticed Vincent Doan standing outside the salon looking in. Grueber motioned to
Carrie whose client had gone to the restroom to scrub up for the rest of their manicure. Carrie went outside to speak to
Vincent Doan. They walked across the parking lot and by a red truck. Grueber could see Vincent Doan wailing his arms
and pointing at Carrie. Grueber then witnessed Doan shove Carrie against the truck. Grueber called out for her
manager, but by the time she turned around, Carrie was already walking back into the salon. Grueber asked Carrie,
"what was that"? Grueber stated that Carrie said, "it's ok, I gotta go potty now" and walked away. Grueber would witness
on July of 1996 staples in the back of Carrie's head when Carrie came into the salon and asked her if she'd wash her
hair. Grueber demanded to know what caused this and Carrie told her that she and Vincent had an argument and
Vincent had picked up a space heater and hit her in the back of the head with it. Before Grueber could respond, Carrie
said, Deseree, I pressed charged. Grueber said she was relieved. On August 16, 1996, Carrie showed up at a wedding
reception with Vincent Doan. Grueber was very upset that Carrie was still continuing to see Doan. About a day later
Grueber asked Carrie what on earth she was doing and Carrie said," it's easier this way Deseree". At this time Grueber
went home and talked to her husband about giving Carrie money, taking her someplace away from Doan, or even flying
her anywhere she wanted to go. Grueber told Carrie on August 18, 1996 of this plan and Carrie said she could not do
that. Grueber pressed Carrie for answers. Carrie dropped her head and began to cry. Grueber stated that Carried told
her that Vincent told her he'd kill her whole family if she ever tried to leave him. Grueber said she told Carrie that Vincent
Doan does not have the guts to hurt anybody, he simply gets his kicks off of pounding on her face and making her think
she deserves it somehow. Carrie told Grueber that she knew she loved her, but she didn't understand.
Grueber would go on to testify that Vincent Doan would call at least two times each day before Carrie would arrive to
work and then on most days two times after she was working. Grueber said it was almost a joke inside the salon
because Doan would be so polite and calling before she even arrived to work. On August 29, 1996 when Carrie did not
show up for work, Vincent Doan called around 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon and asked if Carrie was there. He had never
called this early. Carrie was not due to work on August 29th until 2 p.m. After the 29th of August, Vincent Doan never
called G&G Salon again

Robert Shelton
Robert Shelton testified that on Thursday, August 29, 1996, that Vincent Doan came over to his residence and struck up
a conversation about the truck Mr. Shelton had for sale. The conversation then led to Mr. Doan asking Robert Shelton if
he had any car ramps that he could use. Mr. Shelton told Vincent Doan that he did not have the ramps right now and he
could call his friend. Vincent Doan stated that he was trying to cover something up and really didn't want anybody to
know what was going on. Mr. Shelton thought the conversation was strange but did not take any action until his wife
made him go to the Blanchester police on Sunday, September 1, 1996.

Julie Long
Julie Long was a friend and past room mate of Carrie Culberson. She testified of the a few events in which she
witnessed Carrie Culberson's face from altercations with Vincent Doan. The first that Ms. Long would recall would be
the one on Thanksgiving of 1995 when Carrie explained to her how she obtained the scratches on her face. Carrie told
Ms. Long Carrie explained that she and Mr. Doan had an argument and Vincent Doan wanted her to stop talking. He put
his hands over her mouth and in doing so, he was cutting off her oxygen and in trying to free herself, she scratched her
face. Ms. Long would recall another incident in which Carrie told her that she and Mr. Doan had been riding in a Jeep
when it ran out of gas. When the Jeep ran out of gas, Mr. Doan and Carrie got into an argument resulting in Vincent
slamming Carrie onto the pavement several times causing bruising to her face and body.
The last incident that Ms. Long would recall would be on her birthday, July 28, 1996 when she spoke to Carrie about
how Carrie obtained the staples in her head. Ms. Long said that Carrie told her that she and Vince were arguing and
that Vincent Doan picked up a heater, and the next things Carrie knew she awoke laying in the floor in a pool of blood
and Vincent Doan was standing over her. Carrie told Ms. Long that Vincent would not take her home until she agreed to
tell her mother (Debra Culberson) that she had obtained the injuries from a fall onto a pole. Carrie went on to tell Ms.
Long that she used to love Mr. Doan, but now she was just afraid of him.

Detective Ben Lunsford @ Clinton County Sheriff's Dept.
Thursday, August 29, 1997 at approximately 1:30 p.m. Mr. Lunsford gets a phone call from Vincent Doan. Vince's father,
Lawrence Baker is on another phone as well. Mr. Lunsford asked Vincent did he know anything about where Carrie
Culberson was and Vincent said no he did not. Mr. Lunsford asked Vincent if he had an alibi, Vincent said "yes", and at
this time, Lawrence Baker spoke up and proceeded to tell Mr. Lunsford that he and Betty Baker (Vincent Doan's
step-mother) stopped by Vincent's residence around 1:30 p.m. the night before and found his door wide open.
Lawrence and Betty went inside to find Vincent Doan asleep on the couch with the TV and lights on. Lawrence stated
that he closed the door after turning off the lights and left. Mr. Lunsford described Lawrence Baker to be a career
criminal when asked about his observations about the character of Lawrence Baker.

Ralph Fizer - Clinton County Sheriff's Dept.
Ralph Fizer stated that he went to meet with Lori Baker and Vicki Watkins in a private location to obtain their eye witness
account of what they had both seen on the night of Wednesday, August 28, 1996. Fizer was told that he could not show
up in uniform, a police cruiser, or anything that would make him known as a police officer. He parked down the street
and walked to the house dressed in jeans, and a ball cap to meet with Baker and Watkins. Upon his arrival to the
residence, Lori Baker and Vicki Watkins told him that the would not talk to him if he tape recorded anything or took
notes. Lori and Vicki stated that they were threatened of the consequences they'd face if they talked about anything they
saw on Wednesday, August 28, 1996. There would be two meetings with Fizer, Baker and Watkins, both in early
October of 1996.
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