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Ohio V. Doan
Tonya Whitten
Tonya Whitten testified that she had been a close friend to Carrie Culberson for over a year. Carrie Culberson worked
out and tanned at her place of business (The Total Image Tanning/Gym). Whitten testified that she had talked to Carrie
Culberson on Tuesday, August 26, 1996 about an incident that happened on Hunt Rd. with Mr. Doan the day before on
Monday, August 25, 1995. She stated that Carrie told her that she had gone out to eat with Mr. Doan and that on the way
back he went down Hunt Rd. She stated that he stopped the Mustang and go out of the car and went to the trunk. Doan
returned to the driver's seat with a gun. Whitten said Carrie told her just wanted to throw up the whole time she was
there (4 -5 hours), because she was so upset. Whitten testified that Carrie told her tried to calm Vincent Doan down and
get him to let her go home so her mom would know where she was. Carrie promised Doan she'd come over later.
Whitten testified that Doan allegedly called Carrie later asking if she was coming over and when Carrie said she wasn't
coming over that Vincent Doan told her he would just come over and kill her and her whole family. Whitten went on to
testify that after her conversation with Carrie about this incident that Carrie went on into the tanning room to tan.
Moments later a call came in from Vincent Doan asking if Carrie was there. Tonya Whitten took the phone back to the
tanning room where Carrie was. After the phone call, probably about ten minutes later, Vincent Doan shows up at the
Total Image Tanning Salon. He appears to be perturbed. Whitten would testify that she and her husband Brian would
briefly talk to Vincent Doan about racing their cars. Vincent changed the conversation to saying that he didn't understand
why the fucking bitch needed to tan, because they had laid out in the sun two days before, and to look at his skin, he
was still burnt.  Doan went back to the room where Carrie Culberson was tanning and then they came out together.
Carrie sat down and put her shoes on then she and Vincent Doan went outside. She saw them talking briefly and then
they left separately.
Tonya Whitten testified that the next time she witnessed Carrie Culberson was on the night of August 28, 1996 at the
volley ball game they attended around 7:30 p.m. Whitten testified that Vincent Doan showed up at the volley ball game
and talked to Carrie. The discussion appeared to be heated from the distance she glanced up and saw them. Carrie
walked back over to Whitten and Whitten asked her if he was gone and Carrie said yes, I didn't hear the Mustang pull off.
They went on inside and proceeded with the game. After the game at about 9:00 p.m. – 9:30, Whitten testified that
Vincent Doan appeared at the Rolling Hills bar in Marathon, OH that she, her husband Brian Whitten, Carrie, and
Jessica Williams were attending. He was upset and asked Whitten if she really needed to be driven home, and she
said yes. Vincent Doan left the bar parking lot angry.
After Carrie disappeared, Whitten went to Vincent Doan's father's house on South Wright St. along with Debra
Culberson, Christina Culberson, & Jessica Williams. Vincent Doan told Whitten on the first visit that he had not seen
Carrie since Sunday, August 24, 1996. The second time Whitten went to Vincent Doan's father's house on South Wright
St., he told her that maybe she ought to call up some of Carrie's little boyfriends and ask them where she was. In this
same conversation Doan said, "I hear you've been telling people about what happened between Carrie and I on Hunt
Rd". He said, "when you run your mouth like that, it makes me & my family look bad, and that's not good". Vincent Doan
also asked Whitten why Carrie had to sneak into he house from around the outside bushes at her residence on 127
Bourbon St.? Whitten left and that was the last time she spoke to Vincent Doan.

Cicely Kukuk
Cicely Kukuk was a close friend of Carrie Culberson and one-time room mate. Ms. Kukuk would testify that in January of
1995, that Carrie accepted a phone call in the bedroom of their apartment. Kukuk stated that Carrie was on the phone
for less than five minutes with an unidentified gentleman. During the time Carrie was on the telephone, Vincent Doan
picked up the phone in the kitchen and listened in. After Carrie got off the phone, Doan came into the bedroom and
called Carrie some names, and then drug her out of the bedroom by the hair of her head and into the kitchen. Vincent
Doan stated that he and Carrie were going to find the person who called. Kukuk said she was calling the police. Vincent
Doan said, "if you do, you'll be sorry". Both Carrie and Vincent Doan left and came back ten minutes later. Carrie had
been crying. After Vincent Doan left, Kukuk asked Carrie once again if she wanted to call the police. Carrie said "no",
because she feared what Vincent might do.
Later in March 1995, Kukuk testified of an incident where she, Carrie, Bart Bartley and another guy Barnette were at
Elmer's Bar in Blanchester, Ohio when Vincent Doan showed up. He and Carrie went outside and she witnessed Doan
punch Carrie in the stomach. Bartley and Barnette confronted Doan and there was a scuffle.
The last time Kukuk testified about was an incident in April of 1995 when Carrie had taken her to her mother's house.
Vincent Doan blocked Carrie into the driveway so she could not leave at Kukuk's mother's house. Doan smashed
Carrie's face into the steering wheel causing a gash above her left eye when Carrie came back into Kukuk's mother's
The last incident that Kukuk testified to was the incident in June of 1996 when Carrie explained to her the scratches on
her face that she obtained from an altercation with Vincent Doan. Carrie told her that Vincent Doan had covered he nose
and mouth with his hands to stop her from talking. Carrie told her that in doing so, Doan cut off her oxygen. In trying to
release herself to breathe, Carrie broke off all her sculptured nails on her face, also causing the scratches.

Georgia Falgner
Georgia Falgner was on the way home from work on January 15, 1996 when she almost ran over a guy who fell back
into the path of her car. The man was trying to jump up and kick the passenger side windows out of a Red Honda CRX,
and doing so he lost his balance. Falgner's young son, said, "mom, there is a girl in that car". That girl would later be
identified as Carrie Culberson. Vincent Doan was trying to pull Carrie Culberson out of the car by the hair of her head.
Falgner stopped the car and yelled, "do you need help"?. Carrie yelled back, "yes, get the police"! At this time, the young
man would be identified as Vincent Doan told her to "get the fuck outta here, or you're next". Falgner got into her vehicle
to go get a police officer which was one street over. As she was driving away, she saw Vincent Doan slide over the hood
of the CRX chasing Carrie into her residence on 127 Bourbon Street. Falgner came back with the police and Vincent
Doan was gone. They made a police report that same night.
Tonya Whitten
Cicely Kukuk
Deseree Gruber Describing
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