Prosecution Witnesses Testimony
Ohio V. Doan
The Missing Girlfriend Trial
Prosecution Witnesses Ohio V. Doan
Prosecuting Attorneys: William Peele and Richard Moyer

Billie Joe Brown
Ms. Brown testified that she was awoken around 12:30 by hearing loud voices. She first looked out her bedroom
window & then went to her kitchen window. The view at night was clearly visible because it was a full moon this
night alongside the fact there was a night light pole directly in Brown's front yard. The voices become more distinct
as she moves to the kitchen window. She hears a young woman who would later be identified as Carrie Culberson
yell "help me". She then sees Ms. Culberson stumble in a hole that is on her property (possibly a water meter), & at
this time Mr. Doan catches Ms. Culberson by her arm and twirls her around and punches her in the face & says,
"the next time, I told you, I'd kill you, you fucking bitch"! Brown goes to wake up her sleeping husband and tells him
that the guy across the street is beating the hell out of a woman. Ms. Brown's husband does not get up in time to
see the fighting. Ms. Brown goes back to the window and does not see the Red Honda CRX, Carrie Culberson, or
Vincent Doan, she only hear squealing tires.  She assumes they left because the CRX is no longer in Doan's
Ms. Brown sees a news report on Saturday, August 31, 1996. The next day on Sunday, September 1, 1996, she
goes to authorities because she identified Ms. Culberson and Mr. Doan as the two fighting on her lawn.

Vicki Watkins
Vicki Watkins was the twin sister of Lori Baker. Lori Baker was the common-law wife of Tracey Baker. Tracey Baker
is known as Vincent Doan's half brother. Ms. Watkins was at the house on Supringer St. unbeknownst to Tracey
Baker on the evening of Wednesday, August 28, 1996 and into the morning hours of Thursday, August 29, 1996.
Ms. Watkins was not allowed to spend the night at Lori Baker's house. Ms. Watkins woke up at approximately 3:15
a.m. to a knock on the door. She heard the knock once again, and got up & looked out the window of her nieces
bedroom (Jacqueline Baker). Ms. Watkins sees Vincent Doan standing on the porch and she identifies Mr. Doan by
a motion light that is positioned on the back porch. Watkins states that she knew it was Vincent Doan because she
recognized the grim reaper tattoo on his left shoulder blade. She also stated that Vincent Doan appeared to be dirty.
She stated that Doan was only wearing blue jeans. Ms. Watkins never emerged from the bedroom.
Approximately 30 minutes later she sees and hears Vincent Doan standing on the porch with Tracey Baker. She
then hears them after they step off the porch out of her view. She then hears one door close and a vehicle drive
away. On October 2, 1996, Ms. Watkins would come forward to Clinton County Police in a private meeting to tell
what she had seen that night.

Lori Baker

Lori Baker was woke up by a knock on the door @ 3:15 a.m. on Thursday, August 29, 1996. Before Lori answered
the door, she looked outside to see who was knocking at this odd hour. She saw Vincent Doan standing on the
back porch and he was visible because the back porch motion censor light was shining onto Mr. Doan. She
testified that Vincent Doan was only wearing blue jeans. She stated he had on no shoes, socks, or shirt. She said
that Vincent Doan had smeared blood on his arms, chest and on his pants. She did not ask him where he had
gotten this from. She simply answered the door and Vincent asked if his brother (Tracey Baker) was home. She
said yes he was and got Tracey for Vincent. She stated that about 30 minutes later the two left the house with
garbage bags and a loaded gun. Lori Baker went back to bed. Around 6:00 a.m., Lori Baker was woke up again by
Tracey Baker and Vincent Doan returning to the residence on Supringer St. She witnessed both men with blood on
their clothing. Both men showered once again. About 6:15, Vincent Doan appeared from the bedroom, wearing
jeans, a t-shirt and a cover shirt, dressed for work. After Vincent and Tracey sat on the love seat and talked for a few
minutes (just normal conversation), Vincent left for work. Lori Baker heard the loud engine in the mustang leaving
the driveway. Tracey tells Lori to wash their clothes and to get rid of it, meaning the pot that they had in their home.
He says if anybody asks you, you have not seen me since 2:30 a.m.
Tracey then goes on to tell Lori that the police will be coming, but not for what she is thinking (which is the pot he
told her to get rid of). Lori Baker testified that around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, August 29, 1996, she saw Vincent
Doan. Vincent told her that he wanted to switch cars later because he had a girl coming to check out the Mustang
for possible purchase and needed to clean the car. She stated that Vincent Doan told her he'd catch up with her a
little later because he was on his lunch break.
At 3:30 p.m., Lori Baker goes to pick up her kids from Putnam Elementary when she confides in a friend Carla
Williams that she saw Vincent Doan and Tracey Baker both bloody the night before. Lori Baker would go over to
Carla's residence around 5:30 with her sister, Vicki Watkins in Vincent Doan's Mustang and tell her the same story.
Lori leaves Carla's residence and would see her one more time clearly upset because she is still without her car
and driving Vincent's Mustang. Lori Baker would come forward in private alongside her sister, Vicki Watkins around
October 2, 1996 to tell what they both had seen the night of Wednesday, August 28, 1996 into Thursday, August 29,
Lori Baker on the witness stand
Vicki Watkins - the twin sister of
Lori Baker
Billie Joe Brown - Vincent Doan's
neighbor, describing the attack on her
lawn on August 28, 1996