Ohio V. Doan - The Missing Girlfriend Trial
The trial of Vincent Doan was to be one of the most controversial trials, in that a man was being
charged with a murder of his ex-girlfriend who was missing and presumed dead, although her body
had never been found. I have divided the testimony up into the two sections for anyone wishing to
read all the information. The prosecution contended that Ms. Culberson died at the hands of Vincent
Doan or about August 29, 1996. However, Mr. Doan's defense team would bring forward 19
witnesses who claim to have seen Ms. Culberson and her 89 Red Honda CRX. If you would like to
purchase the complete trial transcripts, you may call the Blanchester, Ohio Clerk of Court. You may
also contact Court TV regarding the purchase of the trial in it's entirety on VHS. Below are some
items entered into evidence.
State's Exhibit #22 - The Battered
Face of Carrie Culberson from an
a past altercation with Vincent
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State's Exhibit #37
Ohio Duplicate License
Plate on the Missing 1989
Honda CRX
States's Exhibit of Billie Joe Brown's view
from her kitchen window looking onto her
lawn where testified she saw Vincent Doan
fighting with Carrie on August 29, 1996.
State's Exhibit of the hole
in Billie Joe Brown's Yard
that she testified that
Carrie tripped in on August
29, 1996.
Defense Witness - Lawrence Baker
Defendant - Vincent Doan
Hunt Rd. where Vincent Doan allegedly  
held Carrie on August 25, 1996 for five
hours inside his vehicle
State's Exhibit of the visible foot prints in the
junkyard pond on Lawrence Baker's
Junkyard Pond where cadaver dogs
indicated Carrie's scent on Sept. 3, 1996.
Prosecution Witness - Tonya Whitten
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