On April 30, 2004, there was to be a memorial dedication for Carrie Culberson. The memorial was
cancelled while her mother was in route to the event, because the Clinton County Police Dept. and
FBI officials were digging up a concrete floor on Fayetteville-Blanchester Road. The dig came about
from an anomyous tip that was called in that the remains of Carrie Culberson could be found
underneath the barn's concrete floor. . The search would last for two weeks and it would bring forth
some clues, but not the remains of Clarissa Ann Culberson (a.k.a., Carrie Culberson) Below you will
see all the news articles pertaining this last search for Carrie. This was a very emotional time for her
family. Although this search ended with out Carrie, they still continue to see answers for why one of
Carrie's t-shirts, along with a garbage bag would be found 15 feet below the concrete floor.
With the search ending, one question still remains.
"Where Is Carrie Culberson???"
Searched for
Remains 4-30-04
Police Dig for Body
Once Again
The Family Waits
Digging To
Resume Sunday
The Dig Enters
4th Day
Weather Delays
Search for Carrie
Dogs Focus
In Same Spot 5-3-04
3rd Cadavar Dog
Geologist & 3rd Dog
To Join Search
Search to Enter 8th Day
4th Dog to Join Search
5 Dogs Detect
Scent at Barn
Thursday Search
Clumps of Hair
Being Tested
Coroner on the
Culberson's Keep Hope
Search Ends
But Brings Clues
Search Shifts
Toward Labatory
The Search for
Culberson Begins Again
No DNA Found
Search Warrant
Unsealed from Search
Debbie Culberson who has
been seen all days at the
excavation site watching
closely with binoculars the  
progress in the search for
her daughter Carrie

Search for Culberson
Stopped Due to Weather    

Dig for woman's body enters
4th day
Debbie Culberson & Carrie's younger sister
Christina waiting in the rain as police
excavate the concrete floor 4-30-04
The pole barn on Fayetteville-Blanchester
Road that was dug up for two weeks in the
search for Culberson's remains.
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Supporters stop by to show concern for the
Culberson family 5-4-04
Police officer on guard at the
Fayetteville-Blanchester Rd. site
along with his partner Ferro.
May 11, 2004
Debbie Culberson as
she waits for answers
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