Monday, August 26, 1996
Carrie Culberson goes to have dinner with Vincent Doan & he allegedly stops the vehicle on Hunt Road, and gets a gun
out of the trunk, returns to the driver's seat and holds Carrie there for 4 1/2 - 5 hours.  Vincent Doan would later call
Carrie Culberson's to inquire about her coming over later. When she said she would not be coming over, Doan
allegedly stated that if she didn't come over, he would come over and kill her and her whole family. According to Tonya
Whitten's Testimony (
State's Witness “ Ohio V. Doan")

Tuesday, August 27, 1996
Carrie Culberson enters the Total Image Tanning Salon/Gym & confides in Tonya Whitten (States Witness, Ohio v.
Doan), that she and Mr. Doan had an alleged incident the day before on Hunt Rd. Carrie then went into the tanning
room. Vincent Doan allegedly called the tanning salon asking for Carrie. Tonya Whitten took the phone to the room.
Moments later Doan shows up @ the salon. Doan states to Tonya Whitten, "I don't understand why the fucking bitch
needs to tan, we laid out in the sun all day Sunday, LOOK, I'm still burned!". Carrie then goes outside with Doan and
then they later leave separately.
Tonya Whitten's Testimony (State's Witness  Ohio V. Doan)
7:00 p.m. Vincent Doan allegedly arrives at a volley ball game where Carrie Culberson is with her friends Jessica
Williams, Tonya Whitten, and, Cicley Kukuk confronts her outside. Both Whitten, Williams, and Kukuk would testify that
Vincent Doan was shaking Carrie Culberson, and was clearly agitated.
Testimony of State's Witness“ T.
Whitten, C. Kukuk & Jessica Williams (Ohio v. Doan)

9:00-9:30 p.m. Vincent Doan allegedly confronts Carrie Culberson once again outside the Rolling Hills bar in
Marathon that she is attending with friends after the volleyball game. He is seen drive erratically out of the bar's parking
lot by friends of Carrie Culberson, in his black Ford Mustang. The vehicle has a loud engine that is distinct so they knew
when Doan left.
Testimony of State's Witnesses – T. Whitten, C. Kukuk & Jessica Williams (Ohio
v. Doan)

11:00 p.m. @ 11:15 Carrie Culberson requests that Cicely Kukuk drive by Vincent Doan's residence before
and after she drops off Tonya & Brian Whitten. Both times Mr. Doan's Mustang was in front of his residence.
(Testimony of State's Witness “ Cicely Kukuk “ (Ohio V. Doan)

11:30 p.m. Carrie Culberson is dropped off at her residence on 127 Bourbon Street. . (Testimony of State's
Witness, Cicely Kukuk (Ohio V. Doan)

11:30 @ 11:40 – Kim Lannard sees the Red Honda CRX drive slowly up Bourbon Street before turning on the
lights. Kim Lannard lives on the same street as Carrie on 136 Bourbon Street. Carrie Culberson has no curfew and
she's 22 years old, she would not need to sneak to leave to go anywhere. Was this the exact moment she was taken by
someone waiting for her upon her arrival home? Vincent Doan's residence is only three blocks away. No vehicle would
be needed to get from his residence to hers IF it were Doan.
(Testimony of State's Witness Kim Lannard “
(Ohio V. Doan)
Days Leading Up to Carrie Culberson's Disappearance
Wednesday, August 28, 1996 - The Day of Carrie
Culberson's Disappearance
Early Morning Hours of Thursday, August 29, 1996
12:30 a.m.     Billie Joe Brown (state's witness, Ohio V. Doan) Witnesses Vincent Doan chasing Ms.
Culberson from this residence (Wright St.) directly across the street onto her front yard, and Ms. Brown hears Ms.
Culberson yell "help me" as she trips on a hole in Brown's yard. Vincent Doan catches Ms. Culberson and twirls her
around and punches her in the face, saying, "the next time, I told you, I'd kill you, you fucking bitch!" Ms. Brown goes to
wake up her husband & tell him about what she has witnessed.
By the time Ms. Brown gets back to the kitchen window, she only hears tires squealing. No sign of Vincent Doan, Carrie
Culberson, or the Red Honda CRX that was in the driveway on Wright Street.

1:00 a.m.  Vincent Doan allegedly knocks on the window of Jeff & Jennifer Warren. He uses the telephone there by
making a collect call to his father, Lawrence Baker. He states that the truck he is driving is out of gas and the pay phone
down the street is out-of-order.
(State's Witness (Ohio V. Doan)

3:15 a.m. – Lori Baker, the ex-wife of Tracey Baker (Vincent’s half-brother), allegedly witnesses Vincent Doan
at the back door of their Supringer St. residence, waiting for someone to answer the door. Baker testifies that Vincent
Doan was wearing no shirt, no shoes, or socks. Vincent Doan was wearing only a pair of blue jeans, and there was
smeared blood on his arms, chest, and pants. She is able to see Mr. Doan standing at the back door through a
bedroom window and the motion censor light is on shining directly onto Mr. Doan.
(State's Witness, Ohio V.

3:15 a.m.Vicki Watkins, twin sister of Lori Baker, is also awoken by a knock on the door. She allegedly looks out
the window of her niece, Jacqueline Baker's bedroom and saw Vincent Doan standing waiting for someone to answer
the door. She stated she knew it was Doan because of the tattoo that was on his left shoulder, of a grim reaper. She
also stated that Doan appeared to be dirty, and that he only was wearing blue jeans. Watkins never emerges from the
bedroom because she is NOT supposed to be spending the night at Lori's house. Tracey Baker does not know she's
there.  Tracey arrived home after she and the children were in bed.
(State's Witness, Ohio V. Doan)
The Disappearance of Carrie Culberson Time Line