Ohio V. Doan - Defense Witness Testimony Page 3
Brian Straight
Brian Straight was a former dispatcher for the Clinton County Sheriffs Dept. Mr. Straight testified that one particular
call came in regarding a sighting of Carrie Culberson that was not followed up as quickly in his opinion, on
September, 3, 1996. Mr. Straight upon cross examination admitted that he was an acquaintance of Lawrence Baker
and that if any calls came in, he left the messages for the deputies or whomever it was directed to and he did not
know from there what action was taken. It was also determined that Mr. Straight was fired shortly after September
3rd for doing an independent investigation of his own into the Culberson case, and sleeping while on the job.

Christopher Baker
Christopher Baker is the son of Lori Baker and Tracey Baker. When asked if his aunt Vicki Watkins or any of her
children were present at the 215 Supringer Street residence on August 28, 1996 and into the morning hours of
August 29, 1996, he stated "no sir". Christopher stated that he went to bed at around 2:00 a.m, and he never saw nor
heard anything out of the ordinary. Christopher would also go on to say that his father Tracey would not allow Vicki to
spend the night at his house.

Annette Davis
Annette Davis would be the last witness to testify for the defense. She was the forensic lab technician would tested
the pillow case, quilt, boots, hair brush and hair pins found at Tracey Baker's residence and at Vincent Doan's. Ms.
Davis stated that on May 30, 1997 test conducted on these items concluded that it was that DNA of a human but it
was so degraded that she could not tell if it was that of Carrie Culberson. The hair brush and hair pin that was taken
from the buried freezer was not that of Carrie Culberson. Ms. Davis concluded that the blood was in such a
degraded form that it could have been anybody's blood on the boots however, being in the state it was, it was
impossible to determine if it was that of Carrie Culberson. Ms. Davis also testified that it was possible that blood on
these items could have been degraded deliberately by using various cleaning agents over and over again. Ms. Davis
also testified that materials found in the car of Vincent Doan such as Carrie's hair would be irrelevant, because the
alleged victim had been in the vehicle many times before, leaving it open to have traces of her DNA.

Other people would be presented as character witnesses at the trial of Vincent Doan.
Those witnesses were not directly related to the situation at hand, so some of that
testimony will not be presented in it's entirety.
Bonnie Davis - Vincent Doan's Neighbor
Corner of Fancy & Wright St. where
Gabrielle Jones testified that she saw
Carrie Culberson the day after she
Gabrielle Jones - Defense Witness