Ohio V. Doan - Defense Witness Testimony Page 2
Patti Brewer
Patti Brewer was headed home from work with her daughter traveling on Hwy. 125 on April 20, 1997 at around 2:00
p.m. , when she approached a red light. Ms. Brewer's daughter said, "mom, that looks like the missing girl". They
would try to get up next to the girl who was driving a grey Ford Station Wagon which had a totally different license plate
from ROL402. As Ms. Brewer and her daughter finally got beside the vehicle, the girl held up her hand to the side of
her face so that they could not see her facial features. The light then changed and the girl drove away. Ms. Brewer's
daughter had written down the license plate from the station wagon and the police would later check into it. The
license plate number that they wrote down and it was checked by police came back to a Black Ford Tempo. Ms.
Brewer was later questioned about her relationship to Bunk Applegate who is a cousin to Carol Baker, who is married
to Dewayne Baker, the half brother of Vincent Doan. Ms. Brewer had never seen Carrie Culberson in her life. Ms.
Brewer said she was positive that she saw Carrie Culberson this day.

Phyllis Lunsford
On May 16, 1997 at approximately 9:30 a.m. Ms. Lunsford witnessed a red Honda CRX in her tire shop having
services done to it's tires. Ms. Lunsford would identify the CRX as having a front license plate that had ROL402. Ms.
Lunsford stated that the person bringing the car in for services was a young man. Ms. Lunsford recognized the car as
the missing CRX as it began to leave the shop and that is when she wrote down the "front" license plate. Ms.
Lunsford also noticed that the vehicle had a dented passenger side door. Ms. Lunsford later called the Hillsboro
police and they then contacted Clinton County Police would then call Ms. Lunsford for a statement. Ms. Lunsford
would later testify that the 3rd letter in the front license plate was difficult to see but she was positive it was that of
Carrie Culberson's missing license plate number.

Robert Briggs
On May 16, 1997, Robert Briggs was traveling down Hwy. 132 South when he got behind a red Honda CRX. He said
the car stood out to him because it had a sticker on it that read: "all employees must wash hands before returning to
work". Mr. Briggs said that the driver appeared to be a young man wearing a ball cap. Mr. Briggs would later state that
as the highway began to work where 132 went right and Hwy 276 South went left, that there was a police officer
present. Mr. Briggs stated that the CRX sped up right before the fork in the road, passing cars on a double yellow line
and took 276. Mr. Briggs called the police the next day to tell them what he had witnessed, however he did not write
down the license plate he witnessed the day before.

Colleen Baker
Colleen Baker was a next door neighbor to Vincent Doan on Wednesday, August 28, 1996. She testified that she was
sleeping in her bedroom on Wright Street and never heard any sounds whatsoever on this night. Ms. Baker's
bedroom was facing the street and as she would do many nights, she looked out her window until she went to sleep.
Ms. Baker stated she was in bed around 1:00 a.m. on this night and never saw nor heard anything.

Bonnie Davis
Bonnie Davis was a former neighbor of Vincent Doan's on the night of August 28, 1996, and the early morning hours
of August 29, 1996. Ms. Davis testified that she went to bed about midnight and as she looked out her window as she
always does before she goes to bed, that she saw who she believed to be Vincent Doan getting into his Mustang and
then returning within 10 minutes. Vincent Doan was wearing a T-shirt and shorts on this night. After Ms. Davis had
laid down in the bed, she was woke again by loud voices. She got up to see what was going on and noticed a young
woman fitting the description of Carrie Culberson yelling and pointing her finger at Mr. Doan. Ms. Davis said that she
noticed the conversation lasted approximately 10 minutes and then the young woman twirled around and she noticed
her dark hair and ran and got into what looked like a new model black truck waiting at the corner. As the young woman
got into the black truck, Vincent Doan got in his Mustang and went up an opposite street in the opposite direction as
the girl and the black truck. Ms. Davis never seen a red Honda CRX in Mr. Doan's drive way that night.  Not until two
days later on August 31, 1996 would Ms. Davis speak to a police officer about what she had seen.

Betty Baker
Betty Baker was Vincent Doan's step-mother. She stated that on August 28, 1996 at around 1:00 a.m., that Vincent
Doan called their residence to speak with his father Lawrence Baker. Ms. Baker heard the conversation of Lawrence
from the next room and from what she gathered, Vincent had taken the truck out and it had stopped running near his
friend's house, Jeff Warren. Ms. Baker heard Lawrence tell Vincent to let the truck sit for a few minutes and then to
start it again. Lawrence would also tell Vincent to not get the truck above 45-50 miles per hour, or it would stall again.
Ms. Baker testified that Lawrence told Vincent that if the truck did not start, that he would come get him. Ms. Baker and
Lawrence decided that since they were already up, that they would go ahead and go pick up an El Camino that had
pins put in the door earlier and was still at the shop waiting to be picked up. Ms. Baker and Lawrence Baker went to
pick up the car and on the way home Lawrence pulled over at Vincent's house. Ms. Baker testified that Vincent Doan
was sound asleep on the couch and she could see him from the car. Ms. Baker testified that Vincent Doan never
moved off the couch because he was asleep. Ms. Baker testified that Lawrence turned the TV and the lights off,
closed the door and left.

Lawrence Baker
Lawrence Baker who is Vincent Doan's father testified that at around 1:15 a.m., on August 29, 1996, he received a
collect call from Vincent Doan. Vincent was at his friends house, Jeff Warren in Williamsburg. Mr. Baker testified that
the truck Vincent Doan was driving had broken down and he was telling him how get it to run to get him back home.
Mr. Baker told Vincent that if he could not get the truck to run, to call back and he would come get him. After a short
while and no return phone call from Vincent Doan, Lawrence Baker and Betty left to go pick up the El Camino that had
the pins put in the door. On the way back to their residence, Lawrence and Betty stopped by Vince's house. Vincent
Doan was asleep on the couch with the TV and lights on. Lawrence Baker would testify that he went inside and when
he saw that Vincent was home, he turned off the lights, and closed the door and went on home. Lawrence testified
that Vincent Doan was not at work on August 29, 1996 because he believed Vincent Doan had a court date that day to
attend. Lawrence also testified that Deputy Lunsford did call Vincent Doan to discuss the alibi and any involvement in
the Culberson disappearance. Lawrence Baker stated that he told Mr. Lunsford that he believe that he was beginning
to turn on the negative side towards Vincent, and that they would not be talking anymore. Lawrence Baker testified that
he and Vincent Doan went to several places looking for Carrie after she disappeared. Mr. Baker stated that he and
Vincent made one trip to Hillsboro to a place called Christopher's, because he had heard that is where Carrie would
buy drugs. Mr. Baker said they had not seen Carrie. Lawrence Baker testified that Vincent Doan never took drugs or
mistreated any woman that he was aware of. Mr. Baker would go onto verify that Debra Culberson came over to his
residence on August 30, 1996 and he told her that he had spoken with Vincent Doan and that Vincent didn't know
anything about where Carrie had gone to. Mr. Baker said he wished that Carrie would get in her clothes and come on
home because he felt sorry for her family being that it had been a year since she left.