Ohio V. Doan - Defense Witness Testimony
Defense Attorney(s) - John Rion Sr. & John Paul Rion
Gabrielle Jones:
Gabrielle Jones testified that she was familiar with Carrie Culberson because she had partied with her before at
social gatherings. She testified that on Thursday, August 29, 1996 that she met Carrie Culberson at an intersection
on Blanchester, Ohio headed towards Highway 133.  This particular street was Fancy St. Ms. Jones states that she
honked her horn at Carrie and noticed that Carrie's CRX was packed full of clothes, even the front seat had a basket.
Ms. Jones said that Carrie waved at her and went on by. Ms. Jones testified that she never went to any authorities
after she learned that Carrie was missing. She went to Vincent Doan's father, Lawrence Baker, because she felt that
he had a right to know what she had witnessed. Ms. Jones went to John Rion's office on June 3, 1996 after the PI, Mr.
Thacker had contacted her.

Nancy Cecil:
Nancy Cecil was driving with her sister and two friends on Saturday August, 31, 1996, headed towards Williamsburg,
Ohio when they saw a woman hitchhiking. Ms. Cecil  pulled over and asked the woman if she needed a ride. The
woman said "yes " and got into the passenger side  seat and as began to talk about that she had been hitchhiking all
day because she had been in Maysville, Kentucky when her car had broken down. The woman asked it was OK if she
smoked, they said "yes". Ms. Cecil would testify that the woman she picked up had a black eye. This woman stated
that her brother would not even help her get home. Ms. Cecil asked the woman if there was anybody she could call as
they pulled over to let her out at the Green Valley Grocery store. The woman said "yes". Ms. Cecil told the woman to be
careful because there are a lot of crazies out there. Ms. Cecil would later determine that same night from a television
broadcast that the woman she picked up hitchhiking was who she believed to be Carrie Culberson.

Cathey Hackney
Cathey Hackney testified that she was work on on Saturday August 31, 1996 when she witnessed a young woman
who appeared to be crying and upset outside the store drinking a "pop". Ms. Hackey's friend went outside and noticed
that the woman had a bag full of clothes. Later Ms. Hackney would speak to a police officer named Mr. Cooper. Ms.
Hackney would tell Officer Cooper that the woman she saw appeared to be Carrie Culberson.Ms. Hackney would
later tell the jury how someone had brought in a flier with Ms. Culberson's face on it. Ms. Hackney could not 100%
certain if it was 3 to 4 weeks prior to the sighting at the Hill Top Grocery. Ms. Hackney also testified that there was a
small red vehicle at the Hill Top Grocery on this day, however she could not place this young lady with that vehicle and
could not identify the small red vehicle as positively being that of the Red Honda CRX that was missing along with
Carrie Culberson.

Tammie Brummett
Tammie Brummett would testify that on September 5, 1996, she was on the way home with her husband when they
witnesed a woman wearing a pink shirt, dark blue jean shorts, white shoes and socks. She was walking with a
suitcase. Ms. Brummet asked her husband if that wasn't Carrie Culberson because she recognized her as the girl
her husband's cousin Gary once had a crush on. Ms. Brummet testified that she was not aware that Carrie Culberson
was missing until two days later.

Tina Haight
Tina Haight would testify that she was at a gas station on September 9, 1996 when she witnessed a mid-size black
vehicle pull up to get gas. Ms. Haight would testify that a man go out and then went inside the store. While the man
was inside the store, a woman got out of the mid-size black vehicle and her behavior was what drew Ms. Haights
attention to her. She said she appeared to be staring off into space and disoriented. Ms. Haight would then later
testify that the man emerged from the store and took the woman by the arm and put her back into the car. Ms. Haight
would later put the incident and the woman as being Carrie Culberson from a news report she saw later on TV.

Mary Danbury
Mary Danbury testified that she was headed to Williamsburg Ohio when she witnessed a red Honda CRX. She stated
the car drew her attention because she was looking at purchasing one similar for her teenage son. She stated that
she realized that this same vehicle that resembled that of a missing person named Carrie Culberson. Ms. Danbury
would try to get up close to the CRX. Danbury would go on to testify that she noticed the first 4 letters of the license
plate but she got up right next to the vehicle that she was unable to see due to her vision. Ms. Danbury stated that she
could see the driver as having a her hair pulled back in a pony tail with what appeared to be sun streaks. She noticed
that the driver was very sun tanned. Danbury testified that as soon as she got up next to the vehicle that the woman
driver fishtailed the car and made a quick turn onto McEver Pike. Ms. Danbury tried to turn around but she never would
see the CRX again.

Charles Sharp
Charles Sharp testified that he was using his CB radio at around 3:00 a.m. on September 10, 1996 when a red
Honda CRX pulled out right in front of him. The CRX would later make a quick left hand turn as he turned right. As the
car made the turn, Mr. Sharp would testify that he realized at that moment that CRX he had just seen had the license
plate of the missing girl, Carrie Culberson. Mr. Sharp testified that he reads license plates as a habit and realized it
as being Carrie's. Mr. Sharp would testify that the woman who was driving looked somewhat different from Carrie
Culberson because she had short blonde hair. Mr. Sharp was so sure it was Carrie that he searched for four more
hours after spotting the car and he could not find it before he was due into work at 7 a.m. that same morning. Mr.
Sharp did not go to authorities immediately because he and his family have had prior run-ins with the Blanchester,
Ohio Police Department and he feared that no one would believe him. Mr. Sharp said that he told his story because
he felt as an innocent man (Vincent Doan) was being accused of something he did not do.

Kenneth Lancaster
Officer Kenneth Lancaster was patrolling in the City of Norwood Ohio on May 16, 1997 at approximately 4:00 a.m.
when a red Honda CRX flew past him a high rate of speed. Because the vehicle was speeding, Mr. Lancaster ran the
license plate. It came back with a "hit" which means the car is missing or suspected in unusual activity. Mr. Lancaster
tried to turn his police cruiser around to catch the vehicle after noticing the license plate was that of Carrie Culberson,
but was unable to do so. Mr. Lancaster later testified that he had been mistaken about the vehicle he saw, that it was
not that of Carrie Culberson.