The Family of Carrie Culberson
Since that late August night in 1996, the Culberson family's life has been turned upside down. With Carrie Culberson
missing without a trace, and no closure, they are forced to recreate what could've happened to her over and over again
inside their minds.
With many questions unanswered, Carrie' mother Debbie Culberson began a very aggressive search within community
to find justice for her daughter. She organized community searches, passed out flyers, and pins to help in the search.
Debbie has also gone to a few talk shows and discussed Carrie's past abusive relationship with her then boyfriend,
and now convicted killer, Vincent Doan. She has spoken to youth in schools, men in prison, and wherever she is asked
to give a speech on the dangers of domestic violence.
The Culberson family tries to go on about their normal everyday life, but it's not that simple. Every week there is
something that brings up the gnawing pain of where could Carrie Culberson's final resting place be? Debbie
Culberson says that she had to finally put the whole thing in God's hands and allow him to reveal her whereabouts
when he is ready. While she waits for a higher power to reveal what she longs to know, she answers questions without
hesitation about her daughter Carrie, and is always open-minded about new search methods. Debbie Culberson does
not avoid discussing the painful story with anybody who seeks information.
The Culberson family won a civil suit against the Village of Blanchester in 2001 for the mishandling of Carrie's
retrievable remains. The money has never been the focus of the lawsuit. It was simply to show that Carrie was taken
away from them, and not only that, the police force enabled someone to take away any remaining closure that any family
deserves, and to show the police that this type of thing should never ever happen to anybody's else's family.
Until Carrie Culberson is found, her family will continue to look for her. At no time have they ever given up. Despite
rumors, and innuendos that often arise, as they often will in a high profile case such as this one, they are a caring and
reputable family who lost somebody very dear to them.
Christina, Debbie & Roger Culberson at the
Vincent Doan trial in 1997
Debbie Culberson on AETV's American Justice
"What Happened to Carrie Culberson"
November 2004
Since her daughter's disappearance, Debra
Culberson has began teaching people about the
dangers of domestic violence. She visits schools,
and even prisons. When she does her speeches,
she includes Carrie's story and also keeps a
large photograph of Carrie (as shown) nearby as
she speaks.
Debra also assists others who are in a potentially
dangerous situation seek help before it's too late.

Photo of Debra Culberson taken in 2005
Debra Culberson at the Fayetteville-Blanchester Road
site where a two week long excavation took place for
Carrie in early May of 2004.

Debra Culberson is the most outspoken of the
Culberson's since Carrie's disappearance. She is the
one who is seen the most by the media, however the
rest of the family are just as involved. Debra has
become the spokes person for this ordeal.

She should be wearning a necklace with a charm that
#1 mom. I've never see anybody so strong and
I've been working with these missing cases for a while
Carrie had a younger sister that she was very
close to (Christina). This is a photo of Debra
Culberson and Carrie's sister standing out in
the rain on April 30, 2004 when the excavation
began searching for Carrie's remains.
Christina is a successful hairdresser and a
mother. She is a direct opposite of Carrie in
appearance, but she is beautiful as well.