April 30, 2004 - A scheduled memorial for Carrie Culberson was cancelled due to a tip being called in that her
remains were underneath a pole barn on property owned by an aquaintance of convicted killer, Vincent Doan. The
memorial was cancelled and a two week excavation began. A special page of news articles that go day by day of the
search as been added. Please review that page to find all information about the search and what clues were found by
clicking this
Thursday, June 17, 2004 Authorties have unsealed the search warrant that was executed for the
Fayetteville-Blanchester Road site that prompted the excavation for Carrie Culberson in late April. Information was
obtained from two informants that lead to this search and one of which is an exgirlfriend of Vincent Doan, who still
corresponds with him since his 1997 conviction. The search found duct tape, hair, a sock, and a shirt that belonged to
Carrie. No DNA was found on those items, however the family and many others still await the findings from the soil
samples. The family of Carrie Culberson still remain hopeful that this search and this new information will finally give
them Carrie Culberson back and want everyone to know that if she is not found here, that the efforts to locate her will
go on until she is brought back
June 28, 2004 - The dedication memorial that was originally scheduled for April 30, 2004 was held in which a
statue representing Carrie Culberson and all domestic violence victims was unveiled in Blanchester, Ohio. The
original memorial was cancelled due to an anomyous tip that was called in that caused a 2 week search for
Culberson's remains. Some items were uneatherned under the pole barn, and one was a shirt belonging to Carrie.
Soil samples were taken from the hole but results have been revealed
July 12, 2004 - the convicted killer and exboyfriend, Vincent Doan is requesting a new trial. These motions were
filed in a federal court by Doan's court appointed attorney, Kort Gatterdam
Shannon Hodson, the girlfriend who
moved into Vincent Doan's house 2
weeks after Carrie Culberson vanished.
Hodson was later
charged with helping
dispose of evidence and she went on a
cross country
police chase with Doan's
half brother Tracey Baker, after
Vincent Doan was put in jail for
Culberson's disappearance & murder.
Ms. Hodson appeared before a judge
on Aug. 27, 2004 to have her police
record cleared so she could pursue a
career as a nurse. This is the same
career Carrie Culberson was going to
pursue shortlfy before she vanished.
This is the same young woman that
was believed to have been seen in the
Southern Ohio areas that was mistaken
for Carrie Culberson. Please note the
strong resemblance of Hodson to Carrie
Culberson. See also links provided
within the text
Ms. Culberson as she meets with Jim Petro to push
for forensic upgrades to help locate those missing
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September 2, 2004 - Debra Culberson, the mother of Carrie Culberson met with Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro
to urge the upgrade of technology and materials to identify human remains. Ms. Culberson has been very active in the
fight to locate her daughter's remains since her disappearance in 1996.
March 16, 2005 - Two bodies in Hillsboro OH are found. They are victims of Michael Fogt. Fogt has known ties to
property in which a two week excavation occurred in May of 2004 for Carrie Culberson's remains. It is also found that is
he is an aquaintance to Carrie's convicted murderer and exboyfriend, Vincent Doan. Authorities report that Fogt has NO
connection to Carrie Culberson, although he's charged with two murders thus far. Vincent Doan's makeshift fan site
reports false information to the public once again regarding the victim and her family.
Pictured left - Michael Fogt, believed
responsible for two murdered people
whose bodies were found in Hillsboro OH.
Pictured right, convicted murderer
Vincent Doan.
April 2, 2005 - Members of the Find Carrie Culberson group traveled to North Carolina to participate in the Cue
Center's Round Table Conference for the missing. There were several families of the missing at this meeting. It was
also an all day training on how to assist those who become missing. For photo highlights from the meeting visit
and the
Cue Center Conference Page
April 28 & 29, 2005 - Debra Culberson joins several other families of those missing such as John Bish (father of
Molly Bish), Robert Cooke (father of Rachel Cooke), family of Stacey McCall, and John Walsh to name just a few for the
Identifying the Missing Conference put on by the Dept. of Justice in PA.
Thursday May 12 - Sunday May 15, 2005 - Members of the Find Carrie Culberson Group were in San Luis
Obispo CA joining the family of Kristin Smart for the March for Justice. There are several photos from this event now up
for viewing. Please click
HERE to see those. More photos can be found HERE as well. The Son of Susan site will be
updated in a few days, as its webmaster has been arrested for his plea for justice this past Friday the 13th. His
sentence will be over in 18 days.
Wed, May 25, 2005 - AETV's American Justice airs the long awaited segment titled "Where is Carrie Culberson".
July 16, 2005 - Members of Angel Garden of Hope ( a group formed because of Carrie) attend the Bring Kim Home
Vigil for Kimberly Langwell in Beaumont TX. Kim's disappearance is similar to Carrie's. Members from Find Monica,
The Two Missing Kristins Group, Brandi Shipp (Daughter of missing Summer Shipp, and DeDe Keene who hosted the
vigil from Voice for the Missing were among the attendants. Click
HERE for Photos from the event. A special thank-you
to DeDe Keene for inviting us to speak at this event.