Remembering Carrie on
August 28, 2005
On August 28th of this month, Carrie Culberson will be missing for nine (9) years. Friends and family continue to
wonder and continue to search for her. Another year has passed. How much longer will it be until she is finally

Each year, I put a page up that outlines what has happened with Carrie's case and to remember her as we all
continue to wait for that one clue to find her body. I will outline them below.

***Carrie's mom, Debbie Culberson has moved to mandate DNA testing on all human remains that are found.
She's has support from Jim Petro as well as many others who feel this needs to be passed.

***AETV filmed "What Happened to Carrie Culberson" in late 2004. The show was very informative and we were
all glad to see Carrie being given more air time and circulation.

*** Also in late 2004, an organization was formed because of Carrie. The group titled "Angel Garden of Hope"
assists families of those missing and some murdered. The group provides free assistance to anybody who
seeks it in this situation. Nobody should deal with the loss of a loved one alone. The group has traveled to several
cities since their formation to share information on Carrie's disappearance and their efforts to help others.
Carrie's mother has traveled and spoke at many events this year as well.

*** There are informational booklets, buttons, press kits, and other materials that are now available for those
who wish to learn more about Carrie's case. We have had several come to us wanting to learn more and have all
available media on Carrie. We think this is great that people are interested enough to come to us for these items.

*** A star was dedicated in Carrie's memory in late June 2005. The stars dedication date was August 28, 2005. It
was titled "Carrie's Star of Hope". This star will remain in place forever in Carrie's memory.
Although we have so many good things that have been going on in the last year to circulate Carrie's case, we still
are not satisfied. We still need to find Carrie and bring her home. At times it becomes hard to think of new things
to try to help this situation. We have to lean on God to help us understand and give us strength. It is my hope that
next year on the 10th anniversary, that she'll be home.

Time cannot heal the wounds that her family has had to endure since that fateful night. We thank each and every
person who has assisted in the search and circulation of this case in the last year.
This fight will never end or die
down until Carrie is finally home. We wont forget this and we wont back down.

If someone is reading this tonight knows where the convicted killers put her body, please do the right thing and
come forward. Think about if it were your child or somebody you love. Carrie was a human being and she was
loved. Nobody on this website claims she was perfect, none of us are. However, she deserves some dignity just
like anybody else. Please do the right thing.
Final Thought
Remember Carrie on August 28th
Angel Garden of Hope will be remembering Carrie by burning a candle beginning @ sundown on August 28th until
morning on August 29th. Nine red balloons will be released into the sky on this date as well. Releasing balloons
has become a ritual of many supporters of those missing.
If you plan on doing something to remember Carrie on this date, please send us a photograph and we will share it
on our website. Carrie's rememberance can reach across the United States.
We are not sure at this time if there will be a formal vigil held for Carrie in Blanchester, but she will be
remembered in Georgia by Angel Garden of Hope. I urge you all to participate. Let's keep Carrie's memory alive
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Angel Garden of Hope and
several family members in GA
held a small vigil for Carrie on
Sunday, August 28th. Nine
red balloons were released
with one purple for Patrice
who has been missing now
for a year.
Some participants asked for
their photos to not be posted.
There were a total of eight
who joined the small vigil to
remember Carrie.