On Wednesday, August 28, 1996, at around 11:30 p.m.,  Clarissa Ann Culberson, (a.k.a., Carrie
Culberson) arrived home from a volley ball game with her friends in Blanchester, Ohio. By all
accounts, Carrie Culberson then vanished into thin air. Carrie's mother, Debra Culberson wakes up
the next morning of Thursday, August 29, 1996 to find that Carrie's bed had not been slept in from
the night before and her 1989 Red Honda CRX was also missing from the driveway. Alarmed, Debra
contacts Carrie's friends and begins a search of Carrie's whereabouts. To no avail, Ms. Culberson is
unable to find her daughter. During the course of August 29, 1996, Ms. Culberson would speak with
Carrie's on and off again boyfriend of two years, (3)  three times that day in which he would change
his account of when he last saw Carrie Culberson. Carrie Culberson had dated Vincent Doan for two
years, and this relationship caused much concern of those closest to Carrie. Many would describe
the relationship as volatile and witnessed Carrie's abuse at the hands of Mr. Doan. Less than a
month before Carrie disappeared, she had sustained an injury to her head causing her to need (5)
staples to close the cut from where she had been hit in the head with a space heater thrown by
Vincent Doan. Carrie had pending assault charges from this past altercation as well.
After days passed without Carrie's return, suspicion would begin to focus on none other than Vincent
Doan. Shortly after, witnesses would come forward to say that they witnessed Doan fighting with
Carrie Culberson the night she disappeared. The sister-in-law of Vincent Doan would come forward
to say that Vincent Doan arrived the same night Carrie Culberson disappeared covered with blood
asking for his brother Tracey Baker. The searches continued for Carrie Culberson and ended up with
neither Carrie or her vehicle. Charges of aggravated kidnapping and murder would fall onto Vincent
Doan. As many witnesses came forth to say that they witnessed Carrie Culberson and Vincent Doan
in what was believed to be the final violent altercation between the couple, many would come forward
to say that they had seen Carrie Culberson in various areas in her CRX. Although none of the eye
witness accounts panned out, the trial would move forward with Vincent Doan. Many would speculate
that the eye witness accounts were none other than the new girlfriend, Shannon Hodson that Vincent
Doan moved into his residence less than two weeks after Carrie disappeared. Ms. Hodson bore an
almost identical resemblance to Carrie Culberson as was even not allowed in the court room at
certain times because of the eerie similarities. Vincent Doan's defense team would contend that
Carrie packed up and left town and that Doan's sister-in-law was simply a jilted lover, because she
had a previous affair with Vincent Doan. Those closest to Carrie Culberson and the prosecution felt
otherwise. Carrie had met Vincent Doan through a friend while he was incarcerated for an attempted
murder charge against his then best friend. Vincent Doan had shot his friend in the face for having
an affair with his girlfriend. The charges were later dropped to a misdemeanor and Vincent was
released to begin a relationship with Carrie Culberson.
The speculation that Vincent Doan was obsessed with Carrie Culberson and then it later drove him to
her murder would now be in the hands of the jury. Almost a year to the date of Carrie's
disappearance, the jury found Vincent Doan guilty of the murder of Carrie Culberson. Vincent Doan
was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Charges would later be filed against Doan's half
brother, Tracey Baker, Doan's father, & Lawrence Baker for assisting in destroying evidence and
discarding Carrie's body and car. Tracey Baker is serving an eight year sentence for evidence
tampering and will be out on parole in June of 2005. Lawerence Baker was acquitted of his charges
due to lack of evidence.
Sadly this would not be the end of the mystery of Carrie Culberson. Shortly after, the police chief,
Richard Payton of the Blanchester Police force was also charged in his role in allowing the junkyard
pond to not be secured the night after cadaver sniffing dogs picked up what was believed to be
Carrie Culberson's scent, allowing someone to remove the contents before it was drained the next
day. Payton plead no contest to charges of mishandling of the case and mishandling valuable
evidence. He was fired from his job.
The family of Carrie Culberson sued and won a civil suit against the City of Blanchester, Ohio. They
contended that due to the mishandling of the evidence, it robbed them of having Carrie's retrievable
remains back. With those responsible behind bars, Carrie Culberson and her 89 Red Honda CRX are
still currently missing. This website was created to make those aware of the dangers of domestic
violence and to keep the world aware that we are still searching for Carrie.
Anyone who is searching for more information on Carrie should be read all the witness testimony and
newspaper article links we have provided. Carrie was taken away and what happened was wrong.
This website is the voice of a young woman who put her trust in some people who violated her as a
human being. Carrie Culberson is still missing, but she is not forgotten. We will look for her until she
is brought back.
Please read over all the information on this site about Carrie Culberson. Someone has to stand up
and have the voice for those who can no longer speak and that is what the purpose of Carrie' site is
for. Thanks to all who took the time to search for Carrie online and came here as a result.
Vanished Without a Trace