Evidence of Past Abuse
The timeline of events of the alledged abuse of Carrie Culberson comes directly from prosecution
witnesses presented by Ohio V. Doan and opening and closing statements of William Peele and Rick
Moyer. The photographs were taken by her family at the time of the occurance(s).
January 1995 Cicely Kukuk is living with Carrie Culberson and a gentleman calls the residence. Ms. Culberson
takes the phone call in the bedroom. Vincent Doan picks up a phone & listens in from the kitchen. After the phone call
between Carrie & the unidentified gentleman ends, Doan allegedly comes into the bedroom and called Carrie a
"fucking bitch" and punched her in the stomach. He then drags her through the house into the kitchen by the hair of her
head. He states that they are going to find that person on the phone. Kukuk states that she is going to call the police.
Doan allegedly tells her that if she calls anybody, she'll be next. Ms. Culberson and Doan leave and come back after
10 minutes.  Ms. Culberson tells Kukuk that to please not call the police because she is afraid of what Mr. Doan might
(State's Witness, C. Kukuk, Ohio V. Doan)

March 1995 Carrie Culberson is allegedly punched in the stomach by Vincent Doan outside of Elmer's bar in
Blanchester, OH. Two other gentlemen are present Bart Bartley and Mr. Barnette alongside Cicely Kukuk. The two men
get into a shoving match with Vincent Doan over the incident.
(State's Witness, C. Kukuk, Ohio V. Doan)

April 1995  Carrie Culberson is allegedly confronted by Vincent Doan outside of Cicely Kukuk's mother' house.
He blocks Carrie into the driveway so she cannot leave. Moments later Carrie comes into the house and states that
Vincent Doan slammed her face into the steering wheel. She has a cut above her left eye.
(State's Witness, C. Kukuk
Ohio V. Doan)

November 1995 Vincent Doan allegedly holds Carrie Culberson hands over her mouth and nose cutting off
her oxygen, because he wanted Ms. Culberson to stop talking. In trying to free herself to breathe, Carrie obtains the
scratches on her face that many would question her about. .
(State's Witness, C. Kukuk, & D. Grueber Ohio V. Doan)

January 15, 1996  Vincent Doan is allegedly kicking at the Red Honda CRX (busting the windows out with his
feet) and in doing so, he is almost run over by a woman named Georgia Falgner who was on the way back from work
with her young son in the car. She notices that there is a woman inside the CRX and it is Carrie Culberson. She asked
Carrie if she needed help & Carrie said "yes, get the police". Doan allegedly told Ms. Falgner to get the fuck outta there
or she was next. Falgner went to the police station and by the time she got back, Carrie had made her way into the
house, and Vincent Doan was gone.
(State's Witness, G. Falgner, C. Culberson, Ohio v. Doan)

April 1996  Carrie Culberson sustains two black eyes, a skull fracture, and a busted lip. Carrie stated that she
and Vincent Doan had been riding in the Jeep and it ran out of gas. Something allegedly triggered anger in Vincent
Doan he attacked her. Parents Debra & Roger Culberson confront Vincent Doan, and his response is that the bruises
and busted lip occurred from he and Carrie riding in the Jeep and bouncing around when she hit her head. This would
also be the incident when a man calls police after witnessing the same incident. Carrie and Vincent told the
Blanchester Police nothing happened, although it was evident she had been beaten while inside the vehicle. Carrie
Culberson was seen at the hospital after this incident.
(State's witness D. Culberson, Ohio v. Doan)

May 1996 -  Vincent Doan allegedly  shows up at G&G salon where Carrie was employed. Carrie goes outside to
speak with Mr. Doan, Deseree Grueber witnessed from inside that Doan was yelling at Carrie, all up in her face, &
then witnesses him slam her against a red truck. Grueber called out to the salon manager and then Carrie came back
in before the manager could answer Ms. Grueber's call. Carrie told them that everything was OK and brushed off the
confrontation. (
State's Witness, D. Grueber, Ohio V. Doan)

July 28, 1996 Carrie Culberson sustains a head injury from a space heater allegedly thrown by Vincent Doan,
resulting in her pressing charges for assault. The injury causes her to need (seven (7) staples to close the cut. She is
also seen by hospital officials at this time.
(State's witness, D. Culberson, & D. Grueber, Ohio V. Doan)