The Accused - Vincent Doan
Who was Vincent Doan?
Vincent Doan could be described as a polite and caring young man by many in his hometown of
Blanchester, Ohio. He had grown up there and was a skilled mechanic who would lend a helping
hand to anybody who sought out his help. He also worked at the local lumber yard and with his father
Lawrence Baker at their family-owned and operated junkyard.  Vincent had been dealt a few unlucky
blows in life before the accusations came about that he killed his girlfriend. He had suffered an injury
where he almost lost his leg from a crane accident at the family junkyard, when a vehicle slipped from
the crane and fell. This accident would claim the life of his friend who was present that day. Many
would speculate that Vincent was brought up in a family of loose morality and that he was a victim of
some of the things he saw as a child. Aside from all the unlucky hands that Vincent Doan had been
dealt, many would later come forward to say that Vincent indeed did have a caring and polite side,
however he had another side that would manifest itself when he began dating Carrie Culberson.
Regardless if you believe Vincent Doan or not, please read over the following pages so that you may
form an opinion of your own.

The Past and New Beginnings?
Vincent Doan met Carrie Culberson while incarcerated for an attempted murder charge where edged
he had shot his then best friend in the face for having an affair with his girlfriend. That charge was
later dropped to a misdemeanor, leaving Mr. Doan to have no prior felony convictions, until the
allegations of kidnapping and murder that would later come about. Vincent Doan began dating Carrie
Culberson and things were to be positive and all the problems he went through just months ago were
far behind. After Carrie began dating Vincent Doan, coworkers, friends, and family would witness his
behavior as controlling and extremely jealous. He would sometimes call her place of employment
about 10 times a day and show up unannounced. Then the coworkers and friends began to see
signs of abuse. Carrie came into the nail salon where she worked with scratches on her face.
Coworker, Desiree Grueber would later testify that she had confronted Carrie about this on one
particular occasion and Carrie told her that she and Vincent had an argument, and that Vincent had
covered her mouth and nose with his hands because he wanted her to be quiet. In doing so, he cut
off Carrie's oxygen and she obtained the scratches from trying to free herself. Grueber expressed
her concern and Carrie told her she could not leave Mr. Doan because he had told her he would kill
her mother and sister if she ever left him. Grueber offered to help Carrie find a way to leave Vincent,
but she refused. She told Grueber that she knew she loved her and was concerned, but she didn't
understand.  This would not be the last time there were signs of abuse. In July of 1996, Vincent Doan
hit Carrie Culberson in the back of the head with a space heater that caused her to need (7) seven
staples to close the gash in her head. This altercation resulted in Carrie pressing assault charges
against Vincent. Many who support Vincent Doan disparage these statements, stating that Carrie
continued to see Mr. Doan so therefore she did not fear him. If anything, Carrie Culberson did not
recognize the seriousness of the situation. The violence escalated. Only (3) three days before she
disappeared, a close friend, Tonya Whitten, would later testify that Carrie told her that Vincent Doan
had held her at gunpoint on Hunt Road for some (5) five hours inside his Ford Mustang. Whitten
testified that Carrie told her that she tried to talk to Vincent and calm him down. Carrie told Vincent
that she would come over later if he would just let her go home and tell her mother where she was.
Vincent told Carrie that she took him as a joke and that he would not go to jail.
Could this statement be hearsay only? Would all the coincidences, such as the prosecution
witnesses, Tonya and Brian Whitten's vehicles being torched on the one year anniversary of Carrie's
disappearance be dismissed as coincidences or something more sinister?

In Vincent's interview with Court TV, he states that nobody ever saw anything, and that he and Carrie
only had normal arguments that all couples have. His mother Priscilla Doan directly contradicts that
statement in the same segment by saying that Vincent told her he once slapped Carrie because she
spit in his face. Regardless of whether or not anything the prosecution testified to was hearsay only,
how do you disparage the photographs of Ms. Culberson's face which were taken as evidence on
both of the alleged attacks she suffered from Mr. Doan?

Contributing Factors?
What were the factors that caused Vincent Doan to be convicted of Carrie's kidnapping and murder?
Was it the previous violence Carrie suffered from Mr. Doan? Was that enough to say he killed her???
Please answer these questions because many feel it might have been the reason he was convicted
of a murder he possibly did not commit to help understand and form a reasonable hypothesis inside
your mind, and in doing so, subtract every single prosecution witness who came forward at the trial.
1. Why did Vince Doan change his story (3) three times when confronted by those looking for Ms.
Culberson on August 29, 1996?
2. Why did Vincent Doan never submit to police questioning or take a voluntary lie detector test
during the course of the investigation?
3. Why would Vincent Doan move his new girlfriend, Shannon Hodson into his residence only (2) two
weeks after Carrie disappeared?
4. Why was Vincent Doan & Shannon Hodson belligerent to some television media (i.e., Inside
Edition), asking him questions about Carrie's disappearance. He was concerned & worried about her?
5. Why didn't Vincent Doan take the stand in his own defense?
6. Why did the Chief of Police Richard Payton warn the family and call off the junkyard pond search
7. IF there was nothing to hide?
Were these viable statements and reasons why a man was charged for a murder?
"Your parents taught you that your abhorrent
behavior was acceptable. Now, the rest of us are
going to teach you that it was not."

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