Remembering Carrie Culberson
A Permanent Memorial in Blanchester Ohio
In February of 2001, a jury in Blanchester Ohio awarded the family of Carrie Culberson 3.5 million
dollars. The civil suit stated that the Village of Blanchester was negligent for not securing the pond
where the cadaver dogs picked up what was believed to be Carrie's remains in the pond located on
the Baker property a few days after her mysterious 1996 disappearance.

By not securing the pond, something was removed from the area that night before searchers
returned the next day. The Culberson family was robbed of having Carrie's retrievable remains.
Aside from cash payment to the family, the City of Blanchester now has to train all police officers how
to handle domestic violence issues. There is a statue that was unveiled in June of 2004 in Carrie's
memory. The statue represents all those who have lost their lives to domestic violence. The original
dedication date of this permanent memorial was to be on April 30, 2004. That date was cancelled
because someone called in a tip that led to a pole barn where it was believed Carrie was buried. The
search ended without Carrie, but they found her shirt, sock, and a garbage bag. They mystery of
Carrie’s disappearance continues, as her memory lives on.

The case of Carrie Culberson has not been officially closed. It will never end until her body is found,
even with those responsible in jail.
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This is a photo of the plaque that
hangs inside the Blanchester Police
Dept. in Carrie's memory. It will
remain there until her body is found.
This was part of the civil suit
agreement by the Culberson family.