Remembering Carrie
On August 28, 2007
11 yrs. after her disappearance
On Tuesday, August 28, 2007, Carrie Culberson will be missing for 11 years. Each year we post an
online vigil and rememberance page for those who still follow her case and want an update as to the
newest information surrounding the continued search for her remains.
In the last year, another barn mysteriously burn down just days before the 10th anniversary of
Carrie's disappearance, leaving Carrie's family and others to speculate and wonder what else is being
hidden in Blanchester help cover Carrie's disappearance. After the barn burnt down, soil samples
from the excavation site where searchers searched for Carrie for two weeks in 2004 were sent
overseas in an effort to see if Carrie was ever underneath the barn where her shirt and sock were
Last but not least, early this month (August 2007), Court TV began filming a new documentary
regarding Carrie's disappearance in Wilmington, Ohio. An air date has not been released at this time.
The documentary is part of a new series for Court TV's "
Missing Person's Unit".

Right now this is all the information that we are able to post online regarding Carrie's case. We'd like
for everyone to know that we appreciate your continued support and kindness as we continued our
search for Carrie. Some believe that we should let this go, but this will never end until Carrie's
remains are located. Carrie is loved and missed with every passing day. We ask if anyone who knows
the exact true location, to please do the right thing and go to a pay phone and call the number at the
bottom of this page, and tell the authorities were Carrie is. You can remain anonymous.
We only want to bring her home for a proper burial. Please do the right thing.
If you have any VALID information regarding the exact location of Carrie
Culberson,  you are urged to contact the  Brown County Sheriff @ (937)
378-4555. You may also send an email to the webmaster @
You can remain anonymous if needed.
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Rememberance Page
A special vigil was held for Carrie and
several others who are missing by Angel
Garden of Hope on the Florida coast on
Tuesday, August 28, 2007. Carrie's balloons
were symbolized as the red for the vibrant
person she was until she was so viciously
taken away.
A special note "FindCarrie" was written in
the sand in her memory. The beach was
one of Carrie's favorite places. We wanted
to remember her on this night at a place
that she'd love to be at if she could be with