Was Vincent Doan a Victim Himself?
Many others would not only tear apart the victim's reputation after the disappearance, they would also
tear at Mr. Doan's.  Vincent was born to Priscilla Doan and Lawrence Baker, both of Blanchester,
Ohio. Lawrence Baker had a wife already, Betty Baker, and had two sons by Betty, Tracey and
Dewayne. Lawrence also had another son, Lars Sutherland. Many in the community struggled with the
fact that Lawrence had been married to Betty Baker for 30 years interrupted, and still had children
outside of his marriage. How can this behavior be accepted so easily by Betty?  Many people would
question the fact that Vincent Doan had an affair with his half brother's wife, Lori Baker. They would
also question the fact that after Vincent's incarceration for Carrie's disappearance, that his brother
Tracey Baker began dating Vince's girlfriend, Shannon Hodson. Was switching partners within this
family second nature? With these contributing factors, is it possible that Vince's morality convicted
him? Was he really guilty or was bad family background and rumors setting the stage to cause him to
lose his freedom from every day society?

Was Vincent Doan Set Up For a Murder He Did Not Commit???
Vincent Doan claims he is innocent of the murder and kidnapping of Carrie Culberson. He claims that
Carrie was a drug user and weighed a move to North Carolina. He stated that she had left town and
never told anybody where she was. The only confirmed time she ever left home was with her mother
one time to visit a friend who was stationed in North Carolina. Carrie had attended a military event for
an ex-boyfriend and left town with her mother without telling Vincent Doan. This particular gentleman
was an ex-boyfriend by the name of Paul Jackson. He resides in Blanchester, Ohio so the theory she
ran off to be with him is not valid.  Carrie Culberson has never been to North Carolina other than this
one visit and has no relatives who live in that area. Carrie's checking account was never active any
more after August 28, 1996, and could those who claimed to have seen her be for real? Vince's
defense team called 19 witnesses that claimed Carrie was seen allover the place after she and her
car disappeared. There was even a police officer that came forth and said he saw the car late at night
traveling at high rate of speed. This gentleman later recanted that statement saying that the vehicle
he seen was not that of Carrie Culberson. Were these sighting staged attempts to come to the rescue
of a friend? Was anybody aware that all of the witnesses for the defense were either business
acquaintances or direct family members? Was this what the defense would call the prosecution's
witnesses, all hearsay??? Here again, was the past evidence of abuse at the hands of Vincent Doan
enough to say he took it a little too far one night and took Carrie Culberson's life and then worked to
cover up that mistake? Who was being 100% truthful? That depends on who you ask.

Circumstantial or Coincidental or a Combination of Both???
Vincent Doan is sitting in prison awaiting his last appeal. He states that he is innocent and always has.
His defense states that there was no DNA of Carrie Culberson so therefore, that would lead many to
believe that nothing occurred that night, that she just simply left. Supporters of Vincent Doan believe
that Lori Baker fabricated the story that Vince showed up at her house around 3:15 a.m. and then left
with his half brother, Tracey Baker, because she was angry with Vincent.,
There was no DNA of Carrie Culberson found in the sink drains, pillow cases, or on the boots Tracey
Baker owned. Was it possible that all DNA evidence was allegedly destroyed? Was it possible that any
trace of Carrie Culberson could have been botched because none of the materials were even looked
at until almost (3) months AFTER she disappeared? If there was any DNA evidence, it would've been
gone after (3) months. If somebody was going to remove evidence, it could have been way gone by
the time that was given. Is this a clear-cut case of a botched investigation or was it all coincidence? Is
the wrong man behind bars? Many believe he is innocent and many believe the right man is where he
should be. Without all the evidence, those friends of Carrie Culberson and those of Vincent Doan may
never ever know ALL the events of that fateful night. We can all keep this thought it mind. Somebody
out there knows exactly what happened.
Vincent Doan - Convicted Killer Continued
Lori Baker - the exwife of
Tracey Baker testifying @ Vince
Doan's Trial
Vincent Doan cries as the judge
announces the guilty verdict
Vincent Doan with his brother Lars
& their dad, Lawrence Baker
Vincent with his mother Priscilla Doan
Tracey Baker - Vincent
Doan's half brother,
convicted of evidence
tampering & obstruction of
Vince Doan's Mom & Dad
Lawrence Baker & Priscilla Doan